Monday, November 20th, 2017

Run, Matt, Run


New Berlin Board of Education President Matt Weiss (a friend of this blog) is expected to file noncandidacy papers on Friday, meaning he is not running for re-election. I remember when Matt first told me his goal was to see a school built in New Berlin named after Ronald Reagan. I think I told him he was crazy.

Not only did they build the school, but they built it without raising taxes.

Weiss also told me once that “nobody ever thanks you for cutting spending.” Judging from some of the e-mail he’s received over the years, not only are some of his constituents ungrateful, some are unhinged.

New Berlin currently has the most conservative school board in the state of Wisconsin. The Wigderson Library & Pub strongly urges Matt Weiss to reconsider and run for re-election.

…Even as we understand why he won’t.

Run, Matt, Run!

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