Monday, November 20th, 2017

Run that Widgerson fella out of town


I don’t know who “Widgerson” is, but he must be a terrible writer according to this letter in the Waukesha Freeman today. Hey, he shouldn’t just resign his column, he should be made to leave town.

Widgerson wrongly challenges mayor on water

To the editor:

I think you should print this article explaining why Mr. Widgerson should resign.

Realistically, he’s paid to write. Yet he can’t do the research necessary to understand why the alternative water options as presented to the city of Waukesha residents are bogus.

My, he can’t do any research on his own yet has the chutzpah to tell the mayor he should resign? Yet in earning his paycheck to write that nasty letter he couldn’t do his own homework, but just reiterated the bogus … the water commission dished out. Shame on you. You are a disgrace to your profession.

Mr. Widgerson, do your own homework. It’s not so complicated. Acknowledge the mayor’s having challenged the (the people who promote Milwaukee water) again and again. And all the others that challenged the bogus presentations of the professional water salesmen in their water report. He’s stood our ground and fights the battle we’re too stupid to learn of ourselves. He hasn’t given up yet. Some of us are in the battle without the benefit of being paid to do so. So do your own homework. Thank the mayor for not giving up when idiots tried to shout him down, when the water experts ignored him, when they glazed over facts and wouldn’t answer much less even address any of the challenges he presented.

Do your own homework. Thank the mayor. Then with what little respect you may yet muster, please resign.

Need a tutor in understanding the water fallacies? Call me. I’ll help .

Robert Latta Waukesha

Wait a secon… thank the mayor? I think this guy is criticizing me. Talk about not doing your research. He can’t even spell my name right. A tutor? Can I get that in a fourtor? Or was he referring to ballet lessons?

Look, I don’t know who Robert Latta is, but my advice to him is to abandon the conspiracy theories, attend one of the water presentations, ask a lot of questions, and then compare those answers to the mayor’s nonsensical suggestions. I would take Latta a lot more seriously if he can point to one, just one, fact that I had wrong in my column.

In the meantime, I’m sure there will be more push back since I suggested the mayor consider resigning. It probably irritated the mayor’s supporters even more when a Sound Off ran yesterday suggesting the mayor get recalled, and another Sound Off compared Scrima to Jefferson Davis of Menomonee Falls.

I’m sure the Waukesha Freeman will love the letters to the editor and the Sound Offs, and you can always comment here, too.

As for whether I’m a disgrace to my profession, even if all the charges against me were true, writing is an awfully hard profession to disgrace.

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