Monday, November 20th, 2017

Ryan inspires local lefty conniption


Wisconsin’s “grass roots” lefties shared their thoughts in recent days on the pick of Congressman, and over at the MacIver Institute I shared their thoughts with our readers. Here’s what I wrote on Scot Ross of the fascist-sounding One Wisconsin Now:

Scot Ross, who lost a race for Secretary of State to Doug La Follette before managing Kathleen Falk’s recent failed run for Governor, remains executive director of the fascist-sounding One Wisconsin Now (OWN). Wallowing in the mire of failed elections past, Ross dragged a former Ryan opponent from the grave and declared, “Someone should let Paul Ryan know that Joe Biden ain’t no Jeff Thomas.” Conservatives are salivating over the probable Ryan-Biden debate, but Ross was apparently serious.

OWN followed that up with a ridiculous demand that Ryan pick either the race for the House of Representatives or the race for Vice President, completely ignoring state law. See, Ryan is already on the ballot for congress. Should Ryan and Romney win, a special election will be held in the district, so the residents there need not worry about a lack of representation.

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