Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Saint Elizabeth


Before we canonize Elizabeth Edwards, let’s take a moment to focus on an all-too-human moment of pride and ambition.  Elizabeth Edwards knew of her husband John’s affair prior to the knowledge public, yet was more than willing to play along with the charade while her husband still had a chance of becoming president.  For all her shining public image, she was as much Lady MacBeth as Edwards’ contemporary Hillary Clinton.

But the People Magazine covers and Oprah tributes will gloss over the flawed ambitious character to remember only the celebrity image they created.  Just as well.  No woman deserved a husband like Edwards, just as we were fortunate to avoid having him as president despite her best efforts.

If cancer victims can find inspiration in her story, then perhaps we were better off with her celebrity rather than her notoriety.

She leaves behind three children, and we are sorry for their loss.


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