Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Saturday with Wiggy on the Capitol grounds


Halftime entertainment at Saturday's protest rally in Madison

How did you spend your Saturday? I was among the people at Saturday’s rally in Madison. It was not exactly an intellectual affair, as you can see from my report for the MacIver Institute.

It’s always a pleasant day for a protest rally in Madison, and Saturday was no exception. If I could pick a nit with the organizers of the Democratic rally, I would ask that they start their main events a little earlier in the afternoon. A 3:00 PM start meant that the sun would start going down as the event wore on, making it a little chilly for those of us standing in the crowd. 

Walking around the Capitol prior to the scheduled start, it was certainly less of a carnival atmosphere than just a couple of weekends ago. There were far fewer oddballs entertaining the crowd this time and definitely less drums per square foot. Gone were the doctors handing out fake medical excuses. In their place was a rally sign saying the carrier had received the note excusing his absence from work from Doctor Who.

Death took time out from appearing in Monty Python skits to make an appearance at the rally, promising “doom” to Governor Scott Walker. Governor, avoid the salmon mousse. One of the squires from Monty Python and the Holy Grail also made an appearance, but nobody was riding a broomstick horse to accompany the clopping noise.

A pair of people dressed as bananas, a return to a theme from a couple of weeks ago. A St. Bernard was dressed in a union t-shirt but carried no brandy (I asked) despite the cold weather.

Someone draped themselves in black from head to toe while carrying a sign declaring it’s “mounring” in Wisconsin. Unfortunately nobody was standing next to him with the sign, “if you can read this, thank a teacher.” Another sign asked, “Is the GOP guilty of treasonious (sic) action?”

The historical/hysterical references continued with comparisons of Walker to Adolf Hitler. For all of the grumbling concerning Agriculture Secretary Ben Brancels’ calling the protests a “holocaust” (a statement he quickly corrected), the comparisons of Walker to Hitler continued unabated, complete with a puppet of Walker raising his hand in the Nazi salute. Perhaps the term would never have occurred to Brancel if so many protestors weren’t so busy quoting Martin Niemöller, “First they came…” as if the Republicans were sending people off to concentration camps.

(Interestingly, the sign I was best able to capture on camera on Saturday skipped the Communists and instead started with “Social Democrats” who were unmentioned in the original Niemöller poem. McCarthyism?)

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