Monday, November 20th, 2017

Scandal alert


Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas was pulled over for speeding and only issued a warning.

The officer, who doesn’t live in Waukesha County, did not know Vrakas or that he was the county executive.
“(Vrakas) never identified himself other than with his driver’s license,” Rosch said.

The officer checked Vrakas’ driving record, which was clear, and then let Vrakas go on his way, Rosch said.
Vrakas said he had a long day on Monday and had just left a Sept. 11 ceremony at Carroll College in Waukesha where he spoke when he was stopped by police on Highway KE or N. Shore Drive about 9:15 p.m.

“I just was in a hurry to get home,” he said. The speed limit is 45 mph in the area where he was stopped.

This was a test of the Political Scandal Warning system. Had there been an actual scandal, Vrakas would’ve been in state car, asked the officer “Don’t you know who I am?” and cursed at the officer. But this was only a test.

“It’s very embarrassing” Vrakas said, adding that he learned a valuable lesson that he needs to slow down.

Sometimes politicians take all the fun out of blogging.

Well, at least he wasn’t distributing Girl Scout Cookies like the last politician caught speeding in Waukesha.

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