Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Schmucki-Kramer update


Fletch from Two Heroes reports on Steve Schmuki announcement he’s running for Assembly. Democratic County Party Chairman Rick Congdon was there, which should effectively dismiss any idea that he might run himself.

Do you think Schmuki said to Congdon, “Thanks Rick for trying to hide my campaign when talking to the press. What? Are you embarassed by me?”

Here is some of what Fletch had to report from the scene,

His family, of course, was there, along with his campaign manager and treasurer. Rick Congdon and Bryan Kennedy also showed up, along with approximately forty others, including me. The announcement itself carried with it little news, at least policy-wise. He sharpened his message only on the environment by mentioning water conservation. Also, Steve failed to turn on the microphone and was difficult to understand. The only real substance came at the end: No more nomination signatures are needed.

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