Monday, November 20th, 2017

Schultz, party of one


For all of the Democrats’ hopes of flipping three Republican State Senators, it looks increasingly unlikely. On the other hand, State Senator Dale Schultz may be completed isolated with his Hamlet routine concerning the governor’s budget repair bill. From Greg Sargent at the Washington Post:

Here’s a pretty good indicator of just how resistant Republicans allied with Governor Scott Walker have become to reaching a compromise of any kind with labor and Dems to end the standoff in Wisconsin over the Governor’s proposal to roll back public employee bargaining rights.

I’m told that some Republicans in the state senate were so angry at fellow Republican senator Dale Schultz for proposing a modest compromise with unions and senate Dems that they actually threatened at a private meeting to kick him out of the state senate GOP caucus.

This comes to me by way of a source close to the situation. While the idea didn’t go anywhere, and it didn’t appear to have the support of Wisconsin GOP leaders, it shows how high tensions are running among Wisconsin Republicans who are under heavy pressure from unions, Dems and mass demonstrations to break with Walker.

It seems like just yesterday State Senator Mary Lazich helped Schultz become the Senate Majority Leader, only to kill TABOR and alienate the party from its conservative base.

Schultz’s semi-public waffling and proposed compromise are not helping the situation, so it’s easy to understand why tempers might be a bit short with him.

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