Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Scot Ross perpetuates lie about location of voter fraud billboards


Scot Ross of the fascist-sounding One Wisconsin Now again repeated the lie that the billboards indicating the penalties for vote fraud were only placed near minority communities. He told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Perhaps their Chicago public relations firm could answer why the Einhorns only felt it was necessary to target legal voters in minority communities, and why they didn’t feel the need to do this ‘public service’ throughout communities across Wisconsin where a majority of the residents are white.”

Maybe Ross should have checked with Slate’s Dave Weigel,

As Kevin Binversie pointed out, the billboards were in many communities not known for large minority populations:

However, numerous versions of the billboards also have been spotted in rural parts of the state along the U.S. 41 corridor between Fond du Lac to Green Bay and along Interstate 94 from Waukesha to Eau Claire.

So unless Ross thinks that the signs near Green Bay were targeting some of the Packers players, or that somehow only minorities are likely to commit vote fraud, he is knowingly lying when he claims the billboards were somehow racist.

Since the reporter did not call Ross out on his lie, perhaps someone should send it to Politifact. Aren’t they supposed to check these things, or do they only cover the stories where Managing Editor George Stanley can stick his thumb on the scale to get the rating he wants.

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