Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Scott Walker, tree killer


Forget about ISIS terrorists. Our governor just senselessly cut down a tree. From the press release:
Governor Scott Walker and First Lady Tonette Walker Cut Down Christmas Tree for Governor’s Conference Room

Endeavor – Governor Scott Walker and First Lady Tonette Walker traveled to Silent Night Evergreens Christmas Tree Farm in Endeavor today to cut down the Christmas tree for the Governor’s Conference Room. Silent Night Evergreens Christmas Tree Farm is family-owned and operated by Jim and Diane Chapman.

“Our thanks to Jim and Diane Chapman for generously providing a beautiful Christmas tree for the Conference Room at the Capitol,” Governor Walker said. “The Christmas tree we cut down today will be on display for visitors, who will have the opportunity to view the tree decorated with the creative Wisconsin sports-themed ornaments crafted by students from around the state.”

Silent Night Evergreens is a wholesale Christmas tree farm that has been located in central Wisconsin since 1977. With 600 acres of trees, they grow fraser fir, balsam fir, scotch pine, and white pine trees. To maintain consistency and his own high standards, Jim Chapman chooses each tree for harvest before they are delivered to customers across the nation. Silent Night Evergreens won the National Grand Champion Christmas Tree competition in 1998 and again in 2003. They also won the 2015 Grand Champion Award from the Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association. Every year, the winner of this competition provides a tree for the Governor’s Conference Room.

Wisconsin ranks fifth in the nation for both Christmas tree production with over 600,000 harvested per year and total acres in production at 23,651 total acres. With 689 Christmas tree farms, the state also boasts the seventh highest number of farms in the nation.

If a tree falls in a forest because the governor cut it down, who will hear it’s cry? Governor Scott Walker, the sap is on your hands.

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