Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Scrima announces he clicked his ruby slippers together while saying “There’s no place like Oak Creek”


If Mayor Jeff Scrima’s latest campaign video isn’t the definition of chutzpah, I’ll eat my dad’s yarmulke.

What Scrima does not tell you is that he opposed any diversion from Lake Michigan for the city of Waukesha’s needs. That includes Oak Creek, which was always an option in the city’s application for diversion. Scrima opposed buying water from Oak Creek because it was too far. Instead, Scrima wanted to use the nearby quarries for Waukesha’s water supply even though that plan was neither safe nor reliable, or even possible because the quarries are in use and in Pewaukee. The truth is, the only reason Waukesha has an agreement to buy water from Pewaukee is because Scrima could not find anyone on the Common Council to agree with his insane plan to scuttle the city’s application for Great Lakes water.

This is the mayor who once declared that as long as rain falls from the sky, Waukesha will have water.

By the way, we now know why Scrima won’t be seen with Governor Scott Walker. He’s a Senator Marco Rubio fan.

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