Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Scrima on Sykes yesterday


Waukesha mayoral candidate Jeff Scrima was on Midday With Charlie Sykes in the 10:00 hour yesterday on 620 WTMJ-AM. He was originally supposed to be on during the 9:00 hour (yes, I speak radio talk) but, not too surprisingly, Sykes decided to devote that hour to the Zoo Interchange disaster area.

You can listen to the entire interview online. Warning, it is painful to hear, and quite awkward at times.

There are a couple of points to address.

1) Scrima claims I took his suggestion of a tunnel under East Avenue out of context. Not to keep revisiting this issue, but it’s almost as if he is claiming he is not responsible for saying it, like it’s my fault that he said it. He suggested it, along with possibly closing streets in the area. There is no “context” that rescues him from the responsibility of suggesting it. When asked about who would finance the construction, he didn’t even respond to the Waukesha Freeman’s question. How does he think it’s going to happen? The tunnel fairy? And do you think the rest of the community really wants a mayor who would even suggest closing East or College Avenues?

I reported it. I wrote it. I stand by it.

2) Scrima claims I took the snow plowing of the bike paths answer out of context, yet Scrima can’t even get the question right. The question was about improving and linking the bike paths, not transportation. But can someone tell me a good context for snow plowing bike paths? And, again, who is going to do it? The snow fairies?

3) At least he admitted he said he questioned whether the city is using too much salt after, of course, saying, “No, I did not.”

4) On the subject of “smart people”, he did name one advisor. And the others are very smart people.

5) On the subject of diverting water from Lake Michigan, Scrima completes the flip-flop. Scrima’s position is almost my position, which has got to be a disappointment to all the water softener suppliers that are donors to his campaign. Apparently Milwaukee is an option for water after all.

For the record, we already have a non-compete clause with Milwaukee as part of the Milwaukee 7. Scrima also says Mayor Larry Nelson is in favor of the RTA. I spoke with Nelson tonight and he denies having a position on an RTA because there hasn’t been an RTA created yet that would involve Waukesha County. Besides, the county is already on record opposing membership in an RTA. Nelson supports regional transit solutions like the one he, County Executive Vrakas and County Executive Scott Walker worked on to eliminate the transfer fees between Milwaukee and Waukesha. I’m skeptical of Nelson’s position, but that’s why we have County Executive Dan Vrakas.

6) Scrima avoids the staff question again. He mentions anonymous city employees telling him of possible efficiencies that he doesn’t name.

7) Skipping the candidate forum, he claims that he was scheduled for other campaign events. I have made several attempts to determine just what those events were. I have e-mailed him twice, posted messages on his campaign Facebook site, and tried twice to go through the campaign website contact form. I even had a third party try to reach him. For my trouble, he deleted both of my questions on the Facebook site and blocked me from viewing the site.

That must be disappointing to one of his supporters and contributors, Steve Mackie, who responded to my questions before they were deleted.

Steve Mackie Is there a question you are looking to have answered? I’m sure Jeff would be happy to answer it here.

Otherwise, the debates are just repeating what most people already know.

Steve Mackie

They are usually excellent at getting back to you. My comment was intended for the original post in that there has already been debates, as well as dueling editorials in the Freeman. There should really not be many questions left as to the difference between the two candidates. Scrima is about open government.

8 ) To accuse Pete Kennedy, whose award-winning column is a local institution, and Jessica McBride, a university journalism lecturer, of being shallow and relying on “hearsay” is just ridiculous. Kennedy’s column was a humor column and McBride’s column was a pretty fair attempt to be even-handed. Both based what they wrote on what was in the newspaper. I know he’s basically calling me a liar, but Kennedy’s column was a poke at Scrima’s “smart people.” (I’m still mad he used the Village People joke.) Is Scrima denying saying he surrounds himself with smart people? Meanwhile McBride had criticisms for both Scrima and Nelson. They’re hardly cheering at the Nelson household that she wondered if Waukesha should prefer a man in Crocs.

I think it’s worth noting that if this is how Scrima responds to those pokes, he’s going to be Captain Queeg after four years.

I do think Scrima supporters want to listen to the last 2:11 of the interview where he gets a chance to talk about his candidacy without answering a specific question. Also, Scrima is asked and does say he is opposed to the RTA and the high speed rail line. We’ll see if his appearance on talk radio rescued him.

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