Monday, May 20th, 2019

Scrima says experience counts


This is pretty funny, actually.

While Scrima then said he has “maintained a positive campaign” he took a shot at Reilly in an interview this week.

“He has no record in the City of Waukesha government,” Scrima said. “Therefore he’s an unknown. When the citizens look at me they see tangible results.”

When told that he was a newcomer four years ago when he defeated the incumbent Larry Nelson and he didn’t have a “record” Scrima didn’t say how that’s any different.

By the way, Shawn Reilly has over twenty years of experience working for city governments. From his biography:

I have a long history of working for and with municipalities. I am the Attorney for the Village of Mukwonago and Village of Eagle. I have been the attorney for Mukwonago since 1992 and the attorney for Eagle since 1996.

Scrima’s experience before taking office was working for his dad.

By the way, let’s give credit where it’s due. This is probably Christopher Kuhagen’s best article on Waukesha politics, and it probably landed him on Scrima’s enemies list.

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