Monday, November 20th, 2017

Scrima was not the change he expected


The Spring City Chronicle is unhappy with the current direction of Mayor Jeff Scrima:

This isn’t the change I voted for. How often do you think that is being said across the United States every day? Those who are expressing this opinion outside of 53186, 53188 and 53189 are referring to the Democrats and Obama administration. Inside those three Republican-leaning zip codes, we are referring to Mayor Jeff Scrima. I wasn’t voting for more drama when I cast my vote for the current mayor.

I wanted someone who presented a businesslike appearance. I wanted someone who could run a meeting without dominating that meeting. I wanted someone who could work with local businesses and government without playing favorites and appointing people so all vote  results were predetermined. I wanted someone who had the core principles of endorsing small government at every level, local businesses and lower taxes. As a general rule, I disregard most of what a candidate says while he or she is trying to be elected and assume that they will moderate their views once elected. I may have been wrong because I am increasingly uneasy with Mayor Scrima.

The mayor seems to have taken the position that there are cheaper, viable, alternatives to Lake Michigan water to Waukesha’s radium problem. You can go back and look but I remember saying something to the effect that candidate Jeff Scrima sounded like someone who hadn’t attended one of Waukesha Water Utility’s Dan Duchniak’s public meetings on the problem. I am firmly convinced that the best, long-term solution would be connection to Lake Michigan. I believe that issue has been settled with due diligence by Mr. Duchniak and the utility. Now that the mayor has sat through Duchniak’s explanations, however, the mayor has inexplicably held to his position. It’s like talking to someone who believes the moon landings were faked.

The Chronicle goes on to call for the mayor to sign the letter supporting the city’s application for Lake Michigan water. The city’s water commission had asked Scrima to sign such a letter by the end of this week.

One of our commenters, Kristin, points out that the Common Council rejected a couple of Scrima’s appointments at the same meeting. I would strongly suggest the mayor sit down with each of the members of the Common Council and ask them how to improve relations before it’s too late. It’s only two months in (seems like forever) so there is still time to fix things. I think signing the water commission’s letter would be a good start.

Or the Common Council can render Scrima as effective as Mayor McCheese.

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