Saturday, November 18th, 2017

See what happens when they skip nap time?


Kevin at Lakeshore Laments comments on a letter to the editor from a high school kid in the Close-Up program. The kid complained that Congressman Tom Petri didn’t spend a lot of time answering the kid’s question.

He listened to my question and then responded with something like, “I stand with the founding fathers … umm … thank you for coming.” This is not a direct quote but the basic concept of what he said. He then stood for a few pictures and walked out of the room.

I was astounded. Few teenagers care about politics at all, many are concerned with boyfriends/girlfriends, drugs or anything else that revolves around his or her own life. So when a teenager actually expressed concern for political issues, I would think adults would encourage it and celebrate a lapse in our ever-increasing apathy.

So what the little brat wants is for Petri to give him a big hug and maybe some flowers becuase the kid asked a question about a “political” issue. And since the little brat doesn’t say what the question was, we’re supposed to take his word for it. It gets better.

Petri’s impudence needs to be addressed, and until he can explain his actions in an honest and trustworthy matter, I do not feel that I want him representing me. He needs to remember that he works for us; we do not work for him. We put him in his lofty position but we have the power to remove him from that role.

As one of his bosses in that aspect, I demand his respect and will not give up until I receive it.

Impudence? Look you little punk. I don’t know what what self-esteem academy you come from, but when you’re under eighteen the only respect you deserve is that the law forbids Petri from slapping you across the face and telling you to come back when you grow up. You are not one of his bosses, and until you actually vote in an election you should address your elders using “sir” and “thank you sir” and that’s it. As in, “Thank you sir for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with us.”

Children are meant to be seen and not heard.

(Note: Kevin is a lot nicer than I am.)

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