Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Segway Jeremy Ryan update


Zach Wisniewski at Blogging Blue is questioning “Segway boy” Jeremy Ryan’s handling of the “Defending Wisconsin PAC” money.

Among those groups was the Defending Wisconsin PAC, led by its Executive Director (and professional protester) Jeremy Ryan. You may remember Jeremy Ryan as the same individual who in 2011 solicited online donations to support his lifestyle because he didn’t want to get a job, and at the time I opined that if I were someone looking to support the recall efforts here in Wisconsin, I’d be hesitant to donate to Defending Wisconsin, given the financial difficulties of its Executive Director.

According to the January 2012 Continuing Report filed with the state Government Accountability Board by Defending Wisconsin PAC, the group raised $2,507.89 during the last reporting period (July 2011 to December 2011). During that same period, Defending Wisconsin PAC spent a total of $2,941.51, with $2,283.50 (just over 77%) of the total spent having gone towards food, lodging, and travel expenses.

Interestingly, much of the money spent on food, lodging, and travel expenses during the January 2012 reporting period seems to center on a trip Jeremy Ryan made to Washington, D.C. in early October 2011 to attend the Take Back the American Dream 2011 conference and do a little protesting with the “Occupy D.C. K Street” protests. While in Washington, D.C., it appears Ryan stayed at the Historic Churchill Hotel (total bill: $1,048.48). Between October 2 and October 12, 2011 nearly $300 ($294.01, to be exact) was spent on meals in Washington, D.C., while another $683.05 was spent on travel/transportation. If you add in the $264.40 spent on plane fare to Washington, D.C., the Defending Wisconsin PAC spent $2,289.94 for one trip to Washington, D.C. – a trip that may have had absolutely nothing to do with the political upheaval in Wisconsin in 2011 and more to do with Jeremy Ryan’s desire to take a trip to Washington, D.C. to do some protesting without having to foot the bill himself.

Wow. If you can’t trust a professional moocher like Ryan to handle donated political contributions correctly, who can you trust?

As Wisniewski points out, there is more to this than one person’s possible misuse of political donations to a PAC. Ryan is actually running for state assembly, which may explain why he didn’t want to return Wisniewski’s calls.

The “Brothers and Sisters in Solidarity with Jeremy Ryan” and the “Segway Jeremy Ryan is a hero” Facebook fans will be so disappointed.

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