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Senator Kedzie said ethanol bill "not ready for prime time"


March 9, 2006 Contact: Sen. Neal Kedzie
For Immediate Release (608) 266-2635

Ethanol Mandate Does Not Advance

Following a vote by the State Senate today to indefinitely postpone action on the ethanol mandate – Assembly Bill 15 (AB 15), State Senator Neal Kedzie (R-Elkhorn) stated, “I have had serious reservations with this measure since it was first introduced. Those concerns are based upon the fact that we should not be mandating any product to Wisconsin consumers.” He continued, “A government mandate runs counter to our free market economy.”

In addition to having problems with the mandate, Kedzie said he continues to be concerned about the environmental impact of ethanol emissions on Wisconsin’s environment. Kedzie said none of the amendments brought forth by the bill’s authors solve any of the environmental concerns raised over the last few months.

During floor debate on the issue, Kedzie called on ethanol proponents to remove the mandate from the bill and come back in a future Legislative Session with solid science supporting use of the product. Kedzie reiterated his support for the farm community, but reaffirmed his position that too many concerns have not been resolved for the bill to advance. He concluded, “This bill was not ready for primetime and the decision to stop this mandate was the right thing to do.”

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