Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Seriously, this is the major GOP defector today?


How old is this story? Months? Just another reminder why children should be seen and not heard.

State Rep. Jon Richards and DPW Membership Director Sean Berger welcomed outgoing Wisconsin College Republicans Chair Lora Rae Anderson, a UW-Eau Claire Senior, officially into the Democratic Party.

Anderson spoke at a brief event at the Organizing for America Office in Milwaukee on the eve of the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s State Convention. Anderson, who spoke last year at the Republican Convention in La Crosse, blasted the state party, calling it too “extreme” and saying that it is “alienating a younger, more progressive generation.”

Here I thought they were going to announce Sheriff David Clarke or State Representative Bob Ziegelbauer defected. Oh yeah, they already are Democrats. it’s just that the Democrats are too far to the left to want those two as members.

Which reminds me, has State Representative Jeff Wood finally made his sell-out to the Democrats official yet? How’s that working out?

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