Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Setting sail on the Mary Burke


Over at RightWisconsin, they asked conservatives to give their opinion of Mary Burke’s chances of unseating Governor Scott Walker.

I don’t give her much of a chance.

After market-testing their candidate, the Democrats finally unveiled their Brand-x opponent for Governor Scott Walker, former Trek executive Mary Burke. Never mind that their market-tested product candidate voted for higher taxes last year as a member of the Madison school board, the Democrats are hoping that Burke will be the 2014 version of Senator Herb Kohl, an inoffensive businessperson self-financing her campaign all the way to victory. The biggest problems with the plan are that Walker is not Susan Engeleiter, Burke doesn’t own a basketball team, and Trek bicycles aren’t called Burkes.

Burke should not be underestimated, but the voyage of the Queen Mary is likely to end in disaster. Watch for the Democrats to desert the sinking ship next September.

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