Monday, November 20th, 2017

She’s not enhancing her reputation any


Waukesha Alderman and County Supervisor told the Waukesha Freeman she knew Savoie had a record, but didn’t seek clarification or warn anyone.

Cummings said Savoie, 38, asked for advice about whether his past convictions would bar him from running for the District 6 seat formerly held by Mayor Larry Nelson. She did not recall specifically when he told her, she said, and that “it’s kind of blurring together.”

Things tend to get blurry in fuzzy land. When last we checked in on Cummings, she was telling a meeting of the County Board of a conspiracy theory to merge Milwaukee County with Waukesha County. Mike at Spring City supports recalling her. I’m trusting the voters to remove her from her offices the next chance they get.

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