Monday, August 26th, 2019

Shhh…. It’s a secret.


Following up on this post, we have another uncomfortable example.

The building committee of the Waukesha Public Library will meet in closed session Thursday afternoon to interview two architectural firms regarding a $1.5 million expansion.

When asked why the interviews with Frye Gillian Molinaro Architects and Enberg Anderson Design Partnership will be closed to the public, Joan Quinlin, Waukesha Public Library, said she had been in contact with the city attorney’s office regarding the agenda.

Because the meeting will include negotiations, it falls under the exemption in state law allowing a municipality to conduct negotiations in private.

Quinlin said the building committee will interview the two firms and make a recommendation to the library board, which will make the final selection.

The project, which would primarily add to the children’s section of the library, was a source of controversy on the common council during the city’s budgeting process last fall.

Maybe we should rename the city “Roswell”.

(Ht: Fox Head and Spring City Chronicle)

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