Monday, November 20th, 2017

Sign of the times


Attention! Attention! Restaurant owners and business people in the 97th Assembly District! If you see a large red sign in front of your building, and you don’t remember giving permission for the sign to be there, you are not alone!

Since it is likely that the person who placed the sign is going to be busy the next few days, my advice is to take a large scissors and cut the plastic ties holding the sign, take it down gently, and then get a good-sized spade shovel to dig out the posts. Trust me, they are in deep. Apparently he didn’t want the sign moved. Then take the sign to the Republican Party Headquarters on Hwy 164 and Pearl Street.

Hey, while you’re there, you can pick up a great looking purple sign from the Chris Lufter for State Assembly campaign! Her signs are soooo popular, they’re disappearing right off people’s lawns!

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