Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Silliness in finger pointing


Some liberals are trying to distract from the online death threat directed towards Governor Scott Walker by pointing to a Twitter post by Kevin Binversie that was supposedly threatening to recall petition gatherers.

As Binversie carefully explains, the context was a case of continuing a thought by State Senators Chris Larson and Mark Miller to make a point regarding Democratic hyperbole over the passage of the “castle doctrine.” Binversie didn’t mean to suggest killing petition signature gatherers anymore than Larson meant that he was going to chase Mormons off his front doorstep with a gun. At least, I don’t think Larson would really do that. Maybe.

If you believe Binversie was really making a threat, then you would have to believe Larson intends to shoot the milkman. While threatening Mormons might be popular in Larson’s Milwaukee east side district, it’s probably not good politics to shoot a milkman in the dairy state. (BTW, Larson still gets milk service to the door? Is he banned from grocery stores because of shoplifting?)

None of this should distract from a very plainly written threat against the governor’s life that was post on a recall organizing Facebook page and was left up by the organizers until it garnered negative attention. It’s sad that some on the left would try to excuse that behavior by trying to falsely accuse a conservative writer of making a threat. Not only is it libelous to make the accusation against Binversie, but it excuses the threat.

Of course, none of this is surprising when One Wisconsin Now is mocking the safety of members of the state legislature.

Apparently liberals are no longer content to use “blood sport” as a metaphor in politics.

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