Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Since they’re going to be the national champions, we might want to know this stuff


The indispensible Tom McMahon finds the explanation for the stickers on the Ohio State football helmets:

Today, Ohio State gives them out for key performances on special teams, offense or defense. Coach Jim Tressel’s website – available for $49.95 per year – keeps a complete list of how many Buckeye leaves each player has won and the criteria for winning them.

Buckeye leaves? I thought they were marijuana plants.

So while the players are out there accumulating stickers, the coach has a website that charges nearly fifty bucks for a subscription. If one of the “student atheletes” tried doing that, the NCAA would bust them back into indentured servitude faster than Maurice Clarett trying to outrun the cops. By the way, if the coach gives a player a free subscription to the website so he can check his sticker status, is that a violation of NCAA rules, too?

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