Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Six to one. Good thing they closed the streets.


I understand it took six of Waukesha’s finest to arrest one drunk at the Waukesha Freeman Friday Night Live tonight. I’m also told that the officers were a little exuberant at the opportunity to demonstrate what happens when arrest is resisted.

I’m also told that a number of you video recorded the event. If anyone has the video or sees the video posted somewhere, please bring it to my attention.

Really. Six officers. I’m surprised they didn’t ask for back up from the County Sheriff. Good thing they close the streets for Friday Night Live.

Update! This appears to be the story of the arrest. I definitely don’t want to make it sound like it’s the wild west out there at the Waukesha Freeman Friday Night Live. It’s amazing how few incidents there are given the numbers of people.

And, unlike some of the killjoys in the Waukesha Freeman Sound Off, I like the idea of a carnival atmosphere on a Friday night in the sound off. It’s a business district. It’s supposed to be a great place for people to go.

If anything, the fact that six police officers could, um, vigorously handle one disorderly conduct case shows just how safe our downtown really is. Magellan’s should receive credit, too, for bringing the problem to the attention of the police. Sounds like a tavern trying to be a good neighbor at a family event.

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