Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Sly Sylvester, fired!


Madison radio station WTDY is changing formats, which means longtime radio personality and disgusting misogynist Sly Sylvester is off the air. Sylvester was also responsible for compromising his station’s news department with his antics.

Too bad Sylvester is being fired because of a station format change rather than his behavior, a missed opportunity for the owners of WTDY to stand up for common decency. Let’s hope that Sylvester never finds another job in radio again.

Jud Lounsbury, a former Russ Feingold flak, attempted to deny that Sylvester’s firing had anything to do with ratings.


Which begs the question, why do radio stations change formats?


By the way Lounsbury, who calls Sylvester a “progressive hero,” is upset that Democratic State Representative Brett Hulsey called Sylvester a bully.

Perhaps Lounsbury should be less engaged in hero worship, as the “hero” is beginning to rub off on Lounsbury.


The most important holiday in the Christian faith, “sucks balls,” according to Lounsbury. Lounsbury’s remarks were ugly, cheap and vile, but it’s good to know what prominent Democrats in Madison think of the holiest of Christian holidays.

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