Monday, May 20th, 2019

So 300 people walk into a rally


I kept checking the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website Tuesday and never saw a report on the rally at Serb Hall to support reforming the Milwaukee County Board. According to Patti Breitigam-Wenzel in Right Wisconsin there were around 300 people in attendance, but somehow Steve Schulze and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel missed the story.

I e-mailed Managing Editor George Stanley Tuesday morning asking about the missed story and received no reply. I discovered later that he has me blocked on Twitter*, which is pretty darn funny. So much for being open to the readers. I’d cancel my subscription if I had one.

So we ask the great philosophical question, if a dead tree falls on a story does it make a sound? Maybe if the newspaper had an ombudsman we might get an answer.

By the way, readers who are interested in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s biased coverage of Milwaukee County government might want to check out Bruce Murphy’s piece on Steve Schulze, the newspaper’s reporter assigned to cover the Milwaukee County Board. Schulze tends to add the word “for” after the word “cover.”

(*Nope. No idea why. I think the last Tweet I sent him was about former Milwaukee Journal employee Graeme Zielinski. But I’ll be happy to talk to him about whatever problem he has with me. I’m guessing he just doesn’t like to be questioned.)

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