So a little update is long overdue

by James Wigderson | February 4, 2017 9:50 am

Since I’m chaining myself to the desk today, I thought I would bring everyone up to speed on the comings and goings and what-not. If you’ve checked out my Facebook page[1], my writer’s Facebook page[2], or my Twitter page[3] this morning, you’ll notice I changed the header picture.

One, because the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha took an awesome photo and I couldn’t help using it:

Two, there have been some changes around here. To say that the last year was kind of crazy is an understatement, and this year is starting off at a rather frenetic pace, too. But it’s all for the good.

Last March I accepted a position with the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity[4], a great organization. I’m the Wisconsin education reporter for[5], with other reporting duties to be assigned as necessary. I work with M. D. Kittle[6], the Madison Bureau Chief, and we have a great office in Madison that I occasionally visit. Here’s the view from the office window:

If you were wondering why Kittle is so upbeat when he’s filling in for Vicky McKenna or Jay Weber on WISN-AM, now you know.

So the last month has been really busy, which is why no updates here. As of the beginning of this year, I’m the new Assistant Editor at Right Wisconsin[7], working with the semi-retired Charlie Sykes. I stress the “semi-” of that title, because besides working on a book[8], Sykes is doing a weekly call-in radio show[9] in New York for public radio and making more appearances than I can track on MSNBC[10]. (Actually, more appearances than MSNBC can track sometimes.)

If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with the “Never Trump” Sykes, well, he’s in Mequon and I’m in Waukesha, so it’s a little bit like being the branch office for Wonko the Sane[11].

By the way, if you have a suggestion for “Winner of the Day” or “Loser of the Day,” feel free to email me[12].

So that’s what’s happening. We’ll be doing more updates around here as the schedule settles down a bit. Expect a few from the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha, too.



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