Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

So much for Barrett ending the “civil war”


The Wisconsin Left is making it very clear that for all of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s rhetoric about ending a “civil war,” the leftwing of the Democratic Party has no interest in seeing it end.

A coalition of leftwing letterhead organizations will be staging a protest on June 6th at Pere Marquette Park in Milwaukee. The groups include: Occupy WI, Occupy Milwaukee, 9 to 5, Welfare Warriors, AFSCME local 82, Casa Maria, Peace Action WI, ATU Local 998, Occupy the Suburbs, Act Everywhere, WI Bailout the People Movement, Milwaukee Jobs Act, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Move to Amend, and “Milwaukee earns for a better tomorrow tomorrow” (whatever that is).

The organizers say they will have the demonstration “NO MATTER WHICH CANDIDATE WINS THE RECALL!”

The Struggle of the 99% against the exploitation of the 1% is not just an election between Democrats and Republicans, it is a struggle between the Haves and the Have Nots. We must remember this and not let up our will to fight back against the 1%, even after the recall. We will be starting at Pere Marquette, at which point we are going to march through the city in what is sure to be a spirited exercise of the Power of the People. This rally will occur NO MATTER WHICH CANDIDATE WINS THE RECALL!

The Occupy Milwaukee website does not indicate what a “spirited exercise of the Power of the People” but past leftwing demonstrations have been accompanied by acts of vandalism against targeted office buildings and businesses.

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