Friday, November 17th, 2017

So much for missing Jack Voight


Okay, why the heck is State Treasurer Jack Voight going to New Orleans at state expense? His successor, Dawn Marie Sass, is also going to the same conference, so it’s not like there’s any benefit in him going. Maybe if Voight coordinated his activities with Sass it might’ve made sense (“these are the people you need to meet, these are the seminars you should attend”). But he clearly didn’t. So instead of cancelling his plans (“Honey, not only did I lose the election, but that means there is no reason to go to New Orleans.”) he’s going down there with his resume in hand.

Ya know, when I left my last job they didn’t send me to Switzerland to look at the new miniture hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers. I’m sure for most people when a job is coming to an end their employers don’t plan long trips for them. Why does Voight think he should be any different?

If he’s going to New Orleans with the intent of networking for his next career, then he should promise to reimburse the state and then write the expense off on his taxes. But if he’s just going on one last vacation, spare the taxpayers some money and come to the Wisconsin Dells.

I’ll buy him a margarita.

Update! For a guy who is state treasurer, he sure has a funny view of what money belongs to the taxpayers.

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