Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

So much for qualifications


Democrat US Senator Russ Feingold* stuck his finger in the air to judge the Alito nomination and discovered a left-wind blowing. “To Hell with whether the President’s nominee is qualified, I’ve got pandering to do!” So our hero squinted his eyes and found the thinnest reed he could find. “Alito’s not sensitive enough to prisoners on death row! I’ve got him now!”

Ann Althouse has the whole statement. Maybe a few people in Waukesha on Friday can ask the senator what he meant when he complained,

Judge Alito’s record and response suggest that he analyzes death penalty appeals as a series of procedural hurdles that inmates must overcome, rather than as a critical backstop to prevent grave miscarriages of justice. The Supreme Court plays a very unique role in death penalty cases, and Judge Alito left me with no assurance that he would be able to review these cases without a weight on the scale in favor of the government.

What did he want Alito to say? That Alito would examine the DNA evidence personally in every death penalty case?

*once affectionately referred to by this blog as a “speech-killing little fascist.”

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