Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

So much for ramming speed


Our friends at Media Trackers attacks the myth that the Republicans “rammed through” the budget repair bill.

But was the Budget Repair Bill really “rammed through” as opponents accuse?Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill was introduced on Friday February 11, saw over 17 straight hours of public hearings, underwent over 60 hours of debate in the Assembly, and still didn’t get passed and signed into law until March 12.

Do most budget repair bills get this much scrutiny? A historical review shows they don’t.

2009- Gov. Jim Doyle introduced a budget repair bill (SB 62) on February 17, 2009. It passed the next day. Within this budget repair was nearly $1 billion in new taxes, yet it passed in one day with little debate.

2008- Gov. Jim Doyle proposed a budget fix (SS AB 1) in a Special Session on March 12, 2008. Amended versions of the bill passed the Assembly and Senate in just 13 days. A conference committee convened to iron out the differences in the Assembly and Senate versions and within just seven days debated, passed and signed the bill into law.

2007- Gov. Jim Doyle introduced a budget repair bill (SB 39) on February 14, 2007. Once the bill was reported out of committee, it took just three days for it to be signed into law.

According to documents provided by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, the average time between introduction and passage of the last five budget repair bills was 27 days. Governor Walker’s Budget Repair bill took 28 days from introduction to signing. Clearly, the accusation that Gov. Walker’s Budget Repair Bill was rammed through is false.

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