Monday, August 26th, 2019

So the proposed angle parking that was not for the Kendall Lofts


Turns out that the proposed angle parking on the West end of Main Street that wasn’t for the Kendall Lofts is being justified by Mayor Jeff Scrima and Alderman Roger Patton as being good for the Kendall Lofts. Acting City Administrator Steve Crandell is still trying to claim that the angle parking has nothing to do with the Kendall Lofts.

However, from the minutes of the Business Improvement District Board Meeting on December 8, 2011, the BID Board recommended approval of the Kendall Lofts development. When parking was raised as a concern,
“It is not known how long [Waukesha State Bank] would continue to provide access to parking. Additional 20 spots on street possible if angle parking is put in.”

As has been documented before, the Common Council considered this issue before and rejected the angle parking because of safety reasons. Alderman Eric Payne’s committee recently unanimously rejected putting in the angle parking. Yet staff (Crandell) and Scrima seem determined to keep this issue alive in whatever forum they can to try and get angle parking passed.

Meanwhile business and property owner George Wang has to attend meeting after meeting after meeting to defeat this proposal. Finally he travels out of the country and the downtown task force recommends putting in angle parking.

The task force took barely fifteen minutes to dispense with an issue that was deliberated carefully by a committee of the Common Council. I don’t have an opinion on whether or not angle parking would be better there, but the Council could send a nice message to property owners and reject the task force’s recommendation in less time than it took the task force to make it.

By the way, the most laughable part of the discussion was when Alderman Patton claimed to have solicited signatures on a petition seeking feedback on the angle parking. If the alderman got any negative feedback on his efforts, how would we know? He deleted the emails.

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