Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Solely for my entertainment


I make a lot of joke about yard signs, but this yard sign placement made me laugh. This is the view to the right as you enter Waukesha’s city hall through the front door:
I’m guessing that unfortunately it’s within 100 feet of the door of the polling place so it’ll probably have to be covered up or taken down soon.

12.03 (2)(b) 1. No person may engage in electioneering during polling
hours on any public property on election day within 100 feet of an
entrance to a building containing a polling place.
2. No person may engage in electioneering during the hours
that absentee ballots may be cast on any public property within
100 feet of an entrance to a building containing the municipal
clerk’s office or an alternate site under s. 6.855

But in the meantime, I find it damn funny.

Note: I forgot to add, I understand the Scrima campaign is indiscriminately placing their yard signs in the right-of-ways again. My suggestion is for some alderman to put a bug in the police chief’s ear (do it when he’s not conferring with his lawyer) and the patrols can do a good sweep of the signs Sunday evening. That’s how most communities handle it. If nothing else, the city can sell the wires for scrap if the signs go unclaimed. (Just make sure the money is accounted for this time.)

I notice that many of the locations that have Scrima signs have more than one. Did the campaign order too many, or are people just not rushing to get one?

I’m not encouraging this, but if you see a yard sign placed in a really funny spot, like in front of City News, send me the picture. Again, I am not encouraging anyone to steal anyone’s sign. But if you get a funny picture and send it to me using a fake email address, how am I going to know where it came from? But I want to stress, I am not encouraging this type of behavior. You do it at your own risk, and I would never condone anything illegal like taking a yard sign even for a really, really funny picture.

Note 2: Since this was posted, some people have told me that because the sign is on private property the 100 ft rule does not apply. I’m not sure if that’s correct, and it’s different than what I remember from doing campaigns 20 years ago. However, Jeff Barta (in the comments below) says the sign is beyond the 100ft range, according to GIS, and therefore you can get your picture taken in front of it on election day. Send me copies and I’ll post them.

I’m just glad the great sign controversy of 2014 is settled. – JW

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