Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Some are more equal than others


Marquette Professor and Blogger John McAdams discovers that his university administration has been secretly undermining their institution’s alliance in the cola wars:

As Marquette students, faculty and staff are aware, bureaucrats on the business side of the University have given Pepsi Cola a monopoly on soft drink sales on campus.

You can’t get Coke anywhere on campus that students and faculty and staff go. Not in the Union cafeteria, not in the dorm dining rooms nor any snack bars around campus.

But it seems that not everybody has to have their choices limited.

When bigwigs are entertained on the fifth floor of the Union, they get a choice of Coke or Pepsi.

…We gather, although we don’t have specific confirmation, that Coke is always available at fifth floor events, but only at fifth floor events.

Apparently, students, faculty and staff are not “distinguished” enough to be allowed to drink whatever kind of cola they want to drink.

“Fr. Wild, the students are rioting!”
“Let them drink Pepsi.”

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