Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Some baseball notes


Finally made it to a Milwaukee Brewer game with my son this season.  Some thoughts from Saturday night’s game:

When Jeff Suppan comes to the plate, the stadium sound system plays, “Locomotive Breath” by Jethro Tull.  Did Suppan lose a bet or something? 

In the shuffling madness
Of the locomotive breath,
Runs the all-time loser,
Headlong to his death.
He feels the piston scraping —
Steam breaking on his brow —

Not exactly the lyrics heralding the great hitter approaching the plate.

Let’s see.  There’s the Dew Deck, sponsored by Mountain Dew. There’s the Harley Deck, for Harley Davidson fans.  There’s the Bob & Brian Donkey Deck sposored by the radio station.  There’s the Airtran Airways Landing zone, the Gehl Club, and even the Toyota Tundra Territory.  So who are the unlucky fans that sit behind the Waste Management sign, and what nickname is given to that deck? The Trashbin?

When Brewer outfielder Jason Bourgeois’ stats flashed on the scoreboard, I remarked, “He may be called ‘Bourgeois’ but he hits like the Proletariat.”  I told my son he’ll get that joke someday.  The lady in front of me thought it was funny.  I think.

Prince Fielder now holds the Milwaukee Brewer single season record for RBIs, surpassing Cecil Cooper, now coaching in the opposing dugout.

The designated driver program previously gave participants two vouchers for courtesy-sized cups of soda.  Now it’s one “regular” soda.  Harder for me to share one soda with the boy, but more than adequate for the game.  Sodas at Miller Park, at least on the club level, are movie theater-sized.

Finally, despite being in the Club level, there was one fan who sounded strangely like the fans at old County Stadium.  I think Robert DeNiro played him in a  movie.   He yelled, “Hardy, you suck!”  Only one fan bothered to defend Hardy.  Rough year for the shortstop.

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