Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Some other last minute thoughts on elections of interest in Waukesha County


In the city of Waukesha, Alderman Peggy Bull is facing a recall. Since a case for recall was not really made, especially by her opponent, and since Bull has been working the district, I think she survives. Ironically, if she does survive the recall, she will probably be re-elected next Spring, too.

In the race for Waukesha County Sheriff, I’m betting on Dan Trawicki, but it will be unnecessarily close. It appears Trawicki took the race seriously early enough, and Gaetano “Tom” Alio-TO is too much of a questionable figure to beat an incumbent. It didn’t help Alioto that a third candidate, Mike Doud, was willing to attack Alioto on ethics, too.

State Representative Rich Zipperer should win the state senate race easily. His opponent, Tim Dietrich, just wasn’t a serious candidate and there were too many questions about whether he was a closet Democrat.

State Representative Don Pridemore should survive the primary challenge he’s facing. While Pridemore caused himself some trouble with Wisconsin Right to Life unnecessarily, he has been a solid conservative vote in the Assembly so far. While it would be nice to have a stronger representative in that safe seat, the world needs backbenchers, too. This backbencher will return again for another term.

Replacing State Representative Mark Gundrum in the 84th Assembly District won’t be easy. I don’t have a guess on the winner, although John Marek seemed to be willing to spend as much as it took to win. I tried to recruit Mike Kuglitsch as a candidate when Mary Lazich moved up to the state senate, back in my playing days. I always thought he would make a good member of the assembly. Nice to see him throw caution to the wind. After that, I’ll admit my knowledge of the field of candidates is limited.

I wanted to spend more time concentrating on the 33rd Assembly District, the race to replace Representative Scott Newcomer. Unfortunately, the Summer of Primaries turned into the Summer of Scrima for me. It will be interesting to see if Joe DeKlotz‘s early start can help him finish the race first. If nothing else, his entry forced the primary, letting other candidates challenge Newcomer, too. Soon Newcomer was out. Chris Kapenga is up on the radio and has the Elm Brook connection. Brian Dorow has the GOP connections. Both of them are in favor of bringing back the QEO. Both of them have more money. I’ll bet on Dorow, but won’t be surprised if it’s Kapenga. If Kapenga wins, will he and Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima settle the terms of their relationship? Or will they remain just supporters?

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