Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Some people are just stupid


Add to the list Keith Jamieson of Pewaukee and anyone else that helped him put together the letterhead for this effort:

A group of Waukesha County residents that claim to be a mix of Democrats, Republicans and Independents emailed County Executive Dan Vrakas Monday afternoon requesting that County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus be banned from Tuesday’s election process.

The Concerned Citizens of Waukesha County in a letter asked Vrakas to file a restraining order against Nickolaus to remove her from the polling area, or to have a special agent on hand to observe today’s election ongoings.

Nickolaus is an elected official and cannot be “banned” from her office by the County Executive. In fact, anyone can show up at the courthouse on election night if they want to – even me. So my advice to Jamieson is to lay off the Jameson whisky until after the election is over.

Update! Turns out Jamieson is an active AFSCME member and a Waukesha school district employee who donated $3500 to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. So much for bipartisan.

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