Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Some tax thoughts with your morning munchies


A Hartland couple is busted trying to find some organic tax relief:

Adam Sellers told investigators he planted the marijuana in June after being approached by his friend. Adam Sellers estimated that the crop was worth $15,000, according to the complaint.

Michelle and Adam Sellers told investigators that Michelle Sellers had asked Adam Sellers to remove the plants from the residence, according to the complaint.

“She did state that Adam had told her that the money from the marijuana plants could assist with paying the taxes on the residence,” the complaint states.

Think about how bad Wisconsin’s taxes have gotten when ordinary Wisconsinites are compelled to grow and sell marijuana just to keep the roof over their head rather than surrender their house to the tax man. This is a tragedy. Where is the pathos squads from the local television stations telling this family’s story of how they struggle to keep from going homeless. Ill-conceived tax policies are forcing them into a life of crime and creative gardening, and it’s time we learned all about how other families are struggling with the same decision.

I can’t wait for the Democrats in the legislature to take this up as a cause. Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Waunakee) will probably introduce the “Marijuana Property Tax Relief” bill that will allow homeowners to grow up to the value of the property taxes owed on the home provided they use a phosphorus-free fertilizer. The value of the plants will be determined by the state department of agriculture, the plants will be subject to weekly inspections, the homeowners will have to submit an agricultural run-off abatement program administered by the DNR, a department of energy requirement that the homeowners are LEED certified, and of course there will have to be quarterly reviews by the state department of revenue to make sure the homeowner is charging the necessary sales tax. There will also be a requirement for a warning label that the product may cause the consumer to have sudden cravings for non-nutritional foods like Doritos.

They can get State Representative Jeff Wood to be the Assembly sponsor.

Just don’t smoke it in restaurants and bars.

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