Monday, November 20th, 2017

Somebody kick Xoff’s puppy or something?


Seriously, that’s a picture of a good looking guy. If former Democratic consultant Bill Christofferson wants, I’ll be happy to send him an autographed 8 x 10. Next time he might want to remind his audience that his candidate was the loser in that race he mentions. In fact, his candidate lost every county in the state. ( I, of course, paid no fine whatsoever, something discussed on my site countless times before.)

Look for a lot of anger on the left between now and election day. Some of them still think of Russ Feingold’s senate seat as Gaylord Nelson’s, and how dare a Republican even think of winning it. Of course, Nelson held the seat three terms before losing it to a Republican, too. I’m practicing my “after victory happy dance” if history repeats itself. (Looking more likely all the time.)

As we get closer to election day, look for them to go completely bonkers. It’ll be fun to watch.

Update! Ooh, I almost missed it. I got called a thug. The left wing blogs will be screaming Christofferson’s a racist for using that term. Five minutes in the penalty box for language, Bill.

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