Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Somebody’s knocking at the door


State Representative Rich Zipperer was knocking on doors in my neighborhood as part of his campaign for State Senate. Sorry I missed him. I could have used his help moving a couch. Zipperer also hit the Spring City Chronicle. I know nothing about Zipperer’s primary opponent at this point, but Zipperer’s head start, money advantage, and hard campaigning style (over 1500 doors this campaign season already) would make him the odds-on favorite. Of course, Zipperer’s campaign comes with some built-in advantages:

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner along with State Representatives Leah Vukmir and Rich Zipperer will hold a Town Hall meeting on Sunday, July 18th, at 7 pm at the Safety Building in Brookfield.

On a side note: I know I complain when candidates are not going door-to-door. At the same time, I know going door-to-door asking for votes is tougher that it sounds. Not only do you have to put up with rude, stupid and crazy people that just happen to vote, but there are other hazards as well. Uneven steps and sidewalks can take a candidate down fast with a sore knee or ankle. One car blowing through a stop sign can ruin a candidate’s whole day. Finally, there are the threats of a canine kind.

State Representative Bill Kramer, who really has nominal opposition from the Democrats this year, received a painful dog bite on the campaign trail recently. I understand he’s fine and will be back on the campaign trail soon (if not already). The Wigderson Library & Pub wishes Representative Kramer a speedy recovery and reminds candidates,

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