Friday, November 17th, 2017

Someday the whole world will be Green


Mark Graul, campaign manager of Green for Wisconsin, reached out today to the “right side of the Cheddarsphere.”

Despite his abysmal record and poor poll numbers, beating Jim Doyle is going to an incredibly difficult task. He won’t go down easy and he will do all he can to destroy Mark’s reputation in the process.

As Scott Walker pointed out, Doyle’s only real strength is the unlimited pot of money he has from the tribes, trial lawyers and teacher’s union – not to mention a state contractor or two or fifty. To beat him, we’ll need to take our message straight to the people by knocking on their doors, calling them up, talking to them where they work and play – and giving them the real story through alternative media sources. I hope you all will play a big role in that.

The purpose of this email is simply to say thank you for what you do. We hope we earn your support and respect as the campaign moves on.

And proving he has a sense of humor,

One last thing. Besides beating Doyle, my other great goal of this campaign is to get Wendy and Jib to wear Green Team t-shirts before election day. It is also clear that Mr. Wigderson needs to spend some time at one of our special “Green Team orientation session” for an “indoctrination” to our “methods.” [links added by me]

I don’t think I’m ready yet to hang out at Crites Field with a tambourine begging for small change and handing out leaflets.

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