Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Sometimes I really hate Blogger


Some of you using Blogger may be having trouble ading a title to your blogposts (like me). Don’t bother looking in Blogger Help or Blogger Status for the answer. Here is what I found at The Real Blogger Status,

Recently, you may have started, in Post Editor, to create or edit a post, and found that entering the title to the post wasn’t obviously possible. You go to click in the Title box, to put the cursor in there and start typing, but the cursor isn’t clickable when positioned there. This has also been observed as a problem in the Link box, though that is used so rarely that reports of this problem will be rare.

Instead of positioning the mouse pointer in the vertical center of the Title (or Link) box, as is normal, you have to move the pointer upwards very carefully. With the pointer positioned just below the top edge of the box, the pointer will turn into the standard insert icon, and you can click in the box, and start typing.

This has been observed in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

We’ll see what kind of response I get from Blogger.

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