Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Soon all the cool kids in the Sha will be wearing one of these


We have too much radium in our drinking water, but many of us don’t want to drink anything else. We have a mayor who thinks everybody in city government hates him – and he’s not wrong. Our last mayor thought Crocs were a fashion statement. If the leaves aren’t picked up by the city on time, the citizens riot. We’re obsessed with train horns. Our streets were designed by M.C. Escher. We got rid of the one-way streets just so we can close them on Friday nights. The biggest civic event of the year is when we all stand outside in the freezing cold to watch the Christmas Parade, and our mayor doesn’t show up. We can’t even count our votes correctly.

It could be worse. We could be living in Milwaukee.

In a city where I am the voice of reason, all I can say is…

Just $15.99 (click picture to order)

Been there, done that, now you can get the T-shirts!)

(Thanks to Too Kool for the inspiration.)

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