Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Sound off emailer helps public count to ten


I know some people don’t like the Waukesha Freeman’s Sound Off because it allows for anonymous comments. Those complainers should check out the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s comments. At least the Sound Off section is screened.

Anyway, I thought this comment in today’s Sound Off was hilarious while expressing its point well. I wish I thought of it first.

Supreme Court election results

For those people who are having difficulty understanding the results of the Prosser-Kloppenburg election, I offer the following exercise to help explain what happened.

First, remove your shoes and socks. Now count all your toes except the last one. Next, count your toes again – only this time count all of them. You will notice that you have one more in the second count. No, you did not grow another toe between the counts; it was there all the time. You just didn’t add the 10th toe into your first count.

I hope this helps you understand the voting results. Repeat this exercise as often as necessary until you get it. Just don’t use taxpayer dollars to do it.

– Dave Stearns, Waukesha

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