Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Spare us the drama


Rick Esenberg with the must-read on the redistricting controversy:

The elephant in the room is the pending recall elections. Democrats seem to think they have a right to defer redistricting until after the recalls hoping that they can flip the Senate and create divided government, pushing redistricting into the courts. But there is no legal or ethical requirement for the GOP to go along. In fact, there is a certain irony in the Democrats pushing for elections in districts that are no longer in compliance with the dictates of the equal protection clause (because they are no longer of equal population) in order to influence the process by which those districts are brought into constitutional compliance. I am not suggesting that the recalls would be subject to constitutional challenge on those grounds (my thought is that they would not), but the fireside equities are muddled and it lies ill in the mouths of legislators who fled the state to avoid exercising their constitutional responsibilities to suggest otherwise.

As far as creating a “non-partisan commission” to do the boundary-making, Kevin Binversie is not impressed:

Wisconsin Democrats controlled the State Senate after the 2006 elections, they controlled the State Assembly after the 2008. So any calls for any sort of “Redistricting Commission” right now are hollow. Democrats had their chance to enact one when they ran Wisconsin government and they didn’t do it.

Perhaps some inquisitive reporter-types should ask this session’s commission pusher, Brett Hulsey (D-Madis0n), [Not to mention Mike McCabe or Jay Heck] why no one accomplished this when his party had total control of the legislature and the governor’s office?

Or do we already know the answer to that one?

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