Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Speaking of wacko conspiracy theorists


Mike Plaisted knows who killed JFK. Oliver Stone told him.

Back, and to the right. Back, and to the right.” HBO has been running Oliver Stone’s JFK on one of its side-channels recently and I caught myself watching it again last weekend. Donald Sutherland’s “composite” spook and his “ask yourself who benefitted” speculation notwithstanding (although I wouldn’t put anything past LBJ), I thought the movie got the scattered facts of the conspiracy theorists mostly right, although the seriousness of the subject matter deserved a little more care, even for Hollywood. For his sins, Stone ended up as a subject of scorn for daring to violate the ultimate historical taboo – one of the first victims of a new kind of assassination, that being the politics of personal destruction through ridicule (see below).

Plaisted speculates (after reading a Paul Krugman column) that, just as Oliver Stone was “assassinated” by ridicule, so too will the Democratic presidential nominee. What he doesn’t say is it helps us “wing-nuts” when they are so ridiculous.

But then, so is the conspiracy-believing Mike Plaisted. Oops, I just “assassinated” him.

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