Monday, May 20th, 2019

Spoiling the case for raw milk


Writing over at RightWisconsin, Jerry Bader explains that he supports the sale of raw milk but he does not support the current bill. The reason, he explains, is that the bill would look like Wisconsin regulations will make raw milk safe when they really won’t.

Critics argue that such regulation would make it impractical for dairy producers to sell raw milk. I agree, but that’s not my biggest problem with the bill. An ongoing argument against selling raw milk is that it jeopardizes the reputation of Wisconsin’s mainstream pasteurized milk industry, which continues to be the lifeblood of “the Dairy State.” If there is a sickness outbreak due to raw milk, the argument goes, it would tarnish the reputation of the state’s entire dairy industry. I didn’t accept that argument under previously proposed legislation, but I do now.
Whether it’s intentional or not, such heavy regulation of the raw milk industry puts the State of Wisconsin’s imprimatur on the raw milk sector. It would give the appearance that the state is vouching for the safety of raw milk. The reality is it can’t do that, even with testing more stringent than is proposed here.

He’s right, but he’s also right when he says, “And if(no, when) there is a raw-milk related outbreak, the state’s regulation and testing of it will be called into question.”

And Bader is right when he says, “But transporting and storing raw milk off location from where it was produced increases the risk of illness, especially if buyers don’t educate themselves on the risks.”

There was a reason Louis Pasteur invented Pasteurization, and it wasn’t because he hated the taste of raw milk. There is a real health risk in drinking raw milk and the effects of tainted raw milk can be serious. There is a scientific solution to the problem, one that has been in use in this country since before the Declaration of Independence.

Milk is considered one of the safest products you can buy. If a farmer wants to feed his family raw milk, fine. But if he wants to sell his milk, he owes it to the person buying the milk and to his fellow milk producers to make sure it is safe.

Don’t just kill this raw milk bill, which doesn’t do anything to make the consumer safer. Kill all the raw milk bills, and stop this unscientific nonsense once and for all.

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