Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

The Spring City Mayoral Marathon


Former Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Darryl Enriquez confirmed that he has been talking to people about running for Waukesha mayor.  Enriquez said Friday night that he has been approached by different groups about running for mayor and that he is speaking to different parts of the community to determine what support there would be and the issues of concern.  Enriquez left the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this year as part of the wave of buyouts.  He just launched a news website, Waukesha News Online.  Enriquez says he should make up his mind sometime around the middle of October.

So far the field of possible candidates:

Likely in Possible Sitting it out
Larry Nelson (inc.) Darryl Enriquez Joe Pieper
Randy Radish   Kathleen Cummings
    Joan Francoeur

Nelson is likely to run for re-election.  Alderman Randy Radish is also likely to run.  My sources tell me that three more aldermen considered running but have decided to pass on this election cycle: Joe Pieper, Kathleen Cummings and Joan Francoeur.

A little early to analyze the race, obviously, but for a candidate to successfully challenge Nelson they will need to raise between $35,000 and $50,000.  The two likliest issues will be crime and taxes, with an underlying issue of concern for the direction of the city.  The mayor’s image will also be an issue as much as he would like to pretend otherwise.


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