Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

State fire marshal suspended, but no one’s saying why


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting the state fire marshall was suspended indefinitely by JB Van Hollen, but nobody knows the reason.

Carolyn S. Kelly, who was appointed as director of the Justice Department’s Arson Bureau in 1994, was suspended indefinitely with pay from her $87,107-a-year job, sources said.

“As a matter of general policy, we do not comment on personnel actions concerning individual employees,” said Special Assistant Attorney General Kevin St. John, chief spokesman for Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen.

It’s a matter of policy the state AG’s office doesn’t comment on anything anybody wants to know.

Kelly, a member of the state civil service system and also a senior homicide investigator for the department, refused to comment Tuesday.

She has worked for the Justice Department for about 25 years.

Obviously she wasn’t experienced enough for the job.

Here’s one for all of you still suspicious of what happened up in Crandon,

Kelly had also been part of the team of state and local officials reviewing the Oct. 7, 2007, shooting deaths of six people at a party by Tyler Peterson, a Crandon police officer and Forest County deputy sheriff who investigators say then killed himself.

Van Hollen has promised to make public some records of the investigation in coming weeks.

Kelly’s suspension was the second change in recent weeks at the top of the state Division of Criminal Investigation.

Maybe Kelly said something insubordinate like, “Couldn’t we just release everything to the media?”

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